Obernsee near Bielefeld

A Running Weekend In Germany

As many of you will know, Horsham is twinned with the German town of Lage, which is located in the Lippe district of North Rhine – Westphalia. Horsham Joggers used to have an affiliation with a running cub based in Lage called TG Lage, and every year some members made their way there for a few runs and vice versa. Sadly, due to the Covid restrictions of the past couple of years, this has eased off but it would be nice to resurrect it.

A street and square in Lage
Lage, Germany

In December each year, TG Lage have an event called Adventslauf, which involves a day of 5k, 10k runs and walks; this year it will be on Sunday 4th December. Also, every Saturday in the nearby city of Bielefeld they now have a park run, which goes around the beautiful lake at Obersee.

Lage also has a Christmas Market which starts late November, and has many stalls selling lots of Xmas treats. The nearby town of Lemgo also has a Christmas market, which is bigger than the Lage one.

A typical German Xmas market

Lage is around one hours drive from Dortmund and Hanover, both of which have direct flights from England, via Stansted on Ryanair and Heathrow on British Airways respectively. Alternatively, it is approximately 8 hours away by car, using Eurotunnel or cross channel ferries. There are a small number of hotels/guesthouses in Lage, and a few more in nearby towns or, if interested, some of the local families maybe willing to host people.

If anyone from Horsham Joggers is interested in going on a trip to Lage for Adventslauf, please email info@horshamjoggers.co.uk. The plan would be to travel out on Friday the 3rd December, then have a choice of doing the park run, the Xmas markets, the 5k, 10k runs or walks, and then return on Monday 5th December.

Photos: Supercarwaar, CC BY-SA 4.0 and Tola69, CC BY-SA 3.0 and P6G47TG, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons.