The ‘Naked’ Run

Ever considered running ‘naked’? It’s time to pay attention to your body (with clothes please!) and not statistics and data. Running naked, without any wearable tech, is such a pure sport. For all the amazing benefits brought about by the latest technology, the benefits from taking a time-out from it should never be underestimated.

On Tuesday 20th June, HJ organised its first ‘naked’ run using the Horsham parkrun route at Horsham Park.

You estimate your time, in minutes and seconds, that you expect to complete the 5k and the winner will be the person that comes closest to his/her estimated time.

Registration will commence from 6:30 pm at Horsham Park near the start point. The 5k route, 3 laps round the park as per the Horsham Parkrun course, will neither be marked or marshalled.

Volunteers will be required for the following positions on the day:

  • Finish token
  • Token Support
  • Time Keeper x2, using the parkrun app
  • Funnel manager who will also help to set up and take down the funnel

If you would like to volunteer for this inaugural event, please email