At Horsham Joggers, all of our sessions are held according the latest UK Athletics and Government guidelines for COVID secure sporting activities. Please see the following list for the latest risk assessment documentation for each activity

COVID Risk Assessments

Taking part in activities

If you’re wanting to join us for any of our activities, you need to be a paid up member, and completed and returned the COVID-19 consent form.  Once that has been completed you will be able to make use of the booking system we have in place for meeting our Track and Trace requirements, further details of which will be available to you once you’re ready to make use of it.
You can join us using the online form here – Join Us
The latest COVID-19 consent form is available here – HJ COVID19 Consent Form

What to do if you display symptoms

If you attended a HJ training session in the 48 hours prior to developing symptoms, you should contact the club C-19 Officer and the Booking Coordinator. They can alert the other joggers in your group. They will tell them that a member of the group might have coronavirus but is waiting for a test result and until the test result is known, those people do not need to self-isolate, but they should take extra care in practising social distancing and good hygiene, like washing their hands regularly. They should also watch out for their own symptoms.

What to do if you test positive

It is important that anyone with symptoms, or in a household with anyone awaiting results of a test, self isolates until they receive the test results.

If you get a positive test result, this means that when you took the test, you had coronavirus. You – and other members of your household – must continue to self-isolate. NHS test and trace should contact you and ask you to share information about any close contacts you had just before or after you developed symptoms. As the club has a Duty of Care to its members you should also contact the club C-19 Officer and the Booking Coordinator (see below), they can then in turn alert the other runners in your group.

What to do if you test negative

If you get a negative test result, this means you are at low risk of having coronavirus. Let the Booking Coordinator and C-19 Officer know. They will contact the members of the group to let them know.

Booking Coordination
HJ Runs –
Covid-19 Officer
Julie Gallagher:

Track Etiquette and Guidance

COVID-19 Safe Use Of The Track Guidance:

  • Maintain social distancing before, during, and after the track session
  • Entrance to the track is by The Bridge’s equipment storage building [on the far left as you are facing the track with The Bridge behind you] with entry by a social-distancing queue
  • Upon arrival take a conscious note of any signage 
  • Use the provided hand-sanitiser sited at the track entrance
  • Toilets are available to the left of the main track entrance
  • Prompt start at Thu 06:30pm – no track entry before this time
  • Prompt finish at Thu 08:00pm – track emptied of HJ members by this time 
  • No cash accepted for payment, card or prepayment only
  • Exit is by the red wooden door in the stand
  • Pay attention to any provided pre-warm-up briefing
  • First-timers to make themselves known to the track coach 
  • We share the track with other clubs, adhere to social distancing at all times and do not cut across their field of play, observing any barriers for respectful distancing and direction guidance
  • No spitting
  • No clockwise warming-up or cooling-down on the inside lane (1), use outside lanes respecting social distancing at all times
  • For the main track session run anti-clockwise in single file on the inside lane (1) of the track to allow faster runners to overtake
  • Single file running with 2 metres between you and the person in front
  • Overtake slower runners with at least one lane between you and the person you are passing
  • If anyone observes non-compliance by another HJ member the onus is on you the observer to politely remind that person of their COVID-safe responsibilities

 Supporting Information:

  • COVID-19 kills, continued failure to not observe the above guidance will result in your booking access revoked
  • 33 bookable place slots are available each week on a first come first serve basis
  • Everyone must comply with Government and England Athletic guidance’s
  • All our members have signed a consent form to agree that they comply with the following:
    • They will not participate if they have been symptomatic in the last 14 days
    • To share their name and contact details to government’s Track and Trace system, as required
  • Any member or participant who has attended a session and subsequently tested positive for COVID must complete the UKA COVID-19 tracking form