Thursday Training

Thursday Club Night There are always plenty of options on a Thursday evening –
Please note that, due to the current COVID restrictions, the following session are either cancelled or happening under tighter controls.  If you wish to attend then please use the booking system available via the Facebook group or email HJRuns – Thanks!

  1. Track training – 6:30pm This is held on the track at Broadbridge Heath and the level of commitment and effort expended is entirely up to you. At the moment there are a number of different groups involved in the training sessions and you should be able to find something which you are comfortable with. If you would like some advice on what would be suitable for you, have a word with the team running the session when paying your fee. You must be booked in via the booking system to attend these sessions and they are charged at £3 per visit.  This is payable via contactless at the gate
  2. Non-Track training – 7:00pm These are coached sessions away from the track focussing on speed, hills or conditioning.  The programme varies from week to week, and the sessions are suitable for all levels of experience.
  3. Group runs Alternatively, there is usually the option of a group run with other like-minded individuals. The numbers for this can vary and, as it is a somewhat ad-hoc arrangement, it is always prudent to enquire on a Tuesday night if anyone is organising such a run.
  4. Summer pub runs If you are looking for an easy way to take advantage of the pleasant summer evenings and want to combine a social evening with some training then these should be right up your street (or bridleway for that matter). Every run starts and finishes at a pub – who could ask for more? A list of this year’s runs is published in the Events section.
  5. Winter head torch runs If you don’t think that the dark evenings of winter should curtail your trail running, these sessions may be for you.  They provide the opportunity to get out into the countryside, starting from a different location each week.  Head torches are required! The group will move at the pace of the slowest member, and will regroup frequently, so you don’t need to worry about getting lost.  Speak to Mike de Frateschi if you are interested in joining in with this group.