HJ Committee

Horsham Joggers is run by a committee of max 11 members elected at the AGM which is held every April. Although the committee are primarily responsible for club finances, arranging events etc, everyone in the club is encouraged to get involved with helping the club organise fun runs, social events and generate new ideas to get members participating in activities. Many of the members organise Sunday runs, social events and help with marshalling and so make the club very pro-active in achieving its status as one of the best running clubs in the county. The committee meet every 6 weeks and any members can come along as a guest to contribute if they want to. Just CONTACT US if you want to come to the next meeting.

Currently the committee consists of:-

Phil Liberman – Chairman (1st left) Profile – Phil

Sue Simmons – Membership and Club Secretary (1st right) Profile – Sue

Fiona Clifton – Treasurer & Coach (2nd right) Profile – Fiona

Paul Aylett – Website and group leader (2nd left) Profile – Paul

James Munden – Socials (3rd right) Profile – James

Jenny Boyd – WSFRL representative (3rd left) Profile – Jenny

Stephen Entecott – Club Kit (not pictured) Profile – Stephen

Sharon Gibson (not pictured) Profile – Sharon

Margaret Wadman (not pictured) Profile – Margaret

Non-committee member:
Mal Thornton – SGP Representative (not pictured)