What is the West Sussex Fun Run League?

In 2022, there were 17 running clubs in West Sussex that participated in in this league and the most successful clubs are those that have at least 25 members participating in each event.  This is because the highest points that a club can achieve on attendance is 25 points and points for race positions are added.

You can find out more information about this via this link here West Sussex Fun Run League (WSFRL) | horsham joggers.  The fixture list is typically published at the start of each year, with the first race on New Year’s day being appropriately named the Hangover Five!

Compared to other races, the WSFRL races typically cost £5 for adult entry with many clubs providing junior races in addition, for a lower entry fee and shorter distances.

Apart from the fun and challenge of these events which are held all over West Sussex, other benefits include:

  1. There is a free T-shirt for completion of all the races.
  2. There is a glass shield WSFRL 10 as described below.

HJ members who have completed 10 or more WSFRL events in the calendar year will be presented with the glass shield at either the AGM or the awards evening, depending on when the results can be analysed in time.  Volunteering at the Gunpowder Trot counts as completing one event.  To avoid double counting, running the Gunpowder Trot and volunteering at the same event is treated as one.  The WSFRL 10 awards for 2022 will be present at the AGM to be held on Friday 21 April 2023.