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Safety is our primary concern when organising club runs but there is always an element of common sense required when running on open roads.

  • Don’t assume a driver sees you. In fact, imagine that a driver can’t.
  • Wear bright and/or reflective clothing.
  • Run against traffic (unless on “blind” bends) so as to view (and react to) any mistake an advancing motorist may make.
  • At sharp bends always run on the wide part of the bend.
  • Beware of cyclists. You may not hear them and if you go to cross the road you may cause a collision if you don’t look both ways.
  • At a stop sign or light, wait for the driver to wave you through—then acknowledge the driver with your own wave.
  • Allow at least three feet between you and a passing vehicle.
  • Be prepared to jump onto the side or shoulder of the road.
  • During group runs, use single file when cars need to pass.
  • Always show due care and attention to others.
  • Run with proper ID, with emergency contacts taped to its back.
  • Make sure to look out for people pulling out of a driveway. They may not see you.
  • At an intersection always wait and look for vehicles coming from multiple directions and lanes before attempting to cross.
  • If you run with headphones, make sure you can still hear what is going on around you. Run with just one ear bud in at a time.
  • Watch for early-morning drivers who do not clear frost or morning dew off their windshields; they may not be able to see you.

The Highway Code is the point of reference for all road use.